Slow Customer Card in NAV 2017

In the process of upgrading a customer to NAV 2017 I experienced very slow perfomance on the Customer Card. We are taking 30 seconds to open, and 20 seconds when creating a new customer. But it only shows in the upgrade project, NOT in new installations running at other customers. So it has to do with the data.

After investigating, I found 2 f”laws” in the Customer Card that was causing this.

The first one resulted in slow opening of existing customers.
This was cause by the new 365 functions, and a part that calculates all combination of prices, discounts and items for the customer.
Disable the function call to GetSalesPricesAndSalesLineDisc, and the problem goes away.


The second problem is when creating a new customer. Here the customer card takes 20 seconds to open.
This i caused by two Factboxes, just set Visable to false on these two.


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